Go west, young bird

Day 244: West

Today’s piece is a paper sculpture. Using the other half of the embroidery hoop I used for the base in Day 241’s “Autumnal” lantern, some yarn, and a map guide of the bay area (also some Shakespeare for an extra touch of romance), I cut out tons of little birds from a pattern I drew freehand, and glued them on to each other in a floating formation.

I want them to be doves or something, but odds are they are seagulls, seeing as how seagulls are so abundant near the bay where I grew up. They’re permanently imprinted on my brain as default bird shape. Even though here we are beset by roof-roosting pigeons. Who panic in a flurry of feathers every time we leave the house. Someone should tell them we sold that BB gun we initially purchased as cheap exterminating gear at the garage sale. I mean, we’ve let them raise a couple of broods up there now, so they can relax already. Sheesh.

"West", an upcycled paper sculpture measuring about 8" long by 5" wide.


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