The L Word

"Lachrymose Lake", mini painting with dictionary page on 5x7" canvas.

Day 236: Lachrymose Lake

This dictionary page’s header reads “lachrymose lake”. Lachrymose means “tearful, sad”. It makes me think of all the “lady of the lake” mythology. And it’s an interesting selection considering the start of my exploration into artmaking using negative feelings.

Along those lines, the sculpture pieces I’ve been working on this week are coming along well. The first one’s almost done! It’s an illuminated figurative plaster/quilt piece, and I have to say I’m starting to get really excited about sculpture. Which is weird, because I always thought of myself as a painter. But some crazy awesome things could be on the horizon. At this point it’s looking like it’s time to build a workbench in the garage. 🙂

Lowercase L. Not an uppercase i. (Just zoom in and take a peek at all the fun L words if you forget)


One thought on “The L Word

  1. Rein says:

    I think I see the word lactation. Which is cool cuz the paint looks milky 🙂
    The lady in the lake…oh man you just took me back. Kind of like the old mexican tale of La Llorona. The crying woman. I am sure you have heard of it…if not look it up…its pretty freaky. It all ties together though WEIRD!
    Cant wait to see the sculpture dude!!!


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