Torpor Touch

Day 234: Torpor Touch

Okay, so first let me say that A: this is not a cross, and B: I know it really looks like one, but it’s a lowercase t. Seriously. Why lowercase, you ask, when this whole issue could have been avoided by just doing an uppercase T? Because all the other ones in this series are lowercase, alright? Also, I think it’s kind of amusing that it looks like a cross and there happen to be other words on this page like torture and totalitarian. 🙂 Not that I have anything against religion. But it has historically been perverted and used as an excuse for unspeakable acts (i.e. Spanish inquisition). Just sayin’.

I like this piece because the header words together imply a touch that would numb or paralyze, which can be interpreted as either menacing or intriguing (or both). Also this page includes a definition for the “torrid zone”, which is apparently a real phrase applicable to a real place on the earth, as opposed to a reference to the awesomely hilarious Venture Brothers cartoon on Adult Swim. Which would be pretty amazing considering that this dictionary was printed several decades before that cartoon was created.

Time for a brain-teaser! So far I’ve made mini paintings with dictionary pages depicting the letters r, s, t and n. Can you guess which two letters will come next in this sequence? Hint: if you spend your sick days watching the game show network, you might have a leg up on this one.

"Torpor Touch", another 5x7 mini painting with vintage dictionary page.

14 thoughts on “Torpor Touch

  1. Ann says:

    Sounds like you really have something against religion. “just sayin!'” and I hate that expression…be authentic and honest. Would you have been inclined to do lower case and put something in about torture and totalitarian if you were being honest? Otherwise, you wouldn’t mention it. I hate cowards. Either you are willing to state your opinion or not.
    I believe that people don’t understand religion and what we hear about are the extremes– like anything else. If I judged things by the extremes, it would be a very conflicted and solitary world.


    • Ann says:

      I just reread my response and I’m wondering…was I under the full moon?? Because I came across very inflammatory but wasn’t trying to be that way. What I was trying to say is that we need to honest about our intentions. Whatever they are. Don’t sneak around and say something, but then say I’m joking….!!

      Many things are said in jest- with snark (my new favorite word) that are actually what you feel. I am around teenagers a lot so my mind immediately jumps to this conclusion because they are generally afraid to say what they really mean. Sorry.

      So your comments about torture were truly just in jest– based on your comments about being spiritually connected I have to guess they were joking, and I am so sorry to have jumped to any conclusions!!

      AS I said somewhere below, I do not apologize for having an opinion about art. That is what we want art to do– to make conflict. To challenge. It doesn’t matter what you believe, but the art is making you think about things. That is the wonderful thing about art.

      And as an artist, you have to develop a tough skin about our art. Not everyone will get what we’re talking about. Not everyone will like it. And maybe, possibly a lot will get it and have comments!


      • Hey Ann. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your comments. What’s funny about art in a blog like this is that it’s a totally different experience than seeing the art in a gallery. If you had walked up to this painting on a wall somewhere without my blog post attached to it, I’m sure your reaction would have been different than having read my remarks.

        I do try to keep the blog kind of funny when I can (not claiming to be a comedian over here or anything) so that my readers have some giggles to look forward to along with an eyeful of new art every day.

        The reason I love using vintage printed materials in my work is because I see little trends or connections in the pieces that I didn’t put there- this dictionary page was certainly printed a long time ago, I didn’t create it myself- and I happened to notice that there was a mixture of symbols that made me think of that musical scene from History of the World by Mel Brooks with the Spanish Inquisition, and that led to me attempting to be funny in my blog post.

        SO, no hard feelings, glad you learned a new word, and please know I don’t expect anyone to ever apologize for their opinions about my art. You’re right, it’s just part of being an artist. 🙂


  2. My goodness, Ann! Talk about judgement! You seem to have made some quick determinations about me based on this tongue-in-cheek post.

    Personally, I am spiritual and believe that God is the expression of all that is good and compassionate in the world. Obviously, the evil in man has perverted that at times. But I’m not at all saying that religion is only bad because religious people have sometimes done bad things.

    As an artist, it is my goal to create work that is evocative and intriguing by using symbols. When I made this, I was seriously not thinking of the religious correlation at first. I was thinking of my love for words and typography.

    But realizing that the letter “t” is inequivocally a symbol of Christianity, I knew someone would eventually draw those conclusions, and I thought about that and decided to comment on it because I AM an honest person who tries to see my art honestly from multiple viewpoints.

    I used the term “just sayin'” in jest. Notice that header on my blog that mentions “snark”? I’m sorry I offended you so much that you felt the need to call me a dishonest coward and tell me that you hate me. It certainly wasn’t my intention to come off that way. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention, since I wouldn’t have thought my comments would be received in that manner.

    And if you are so offended because you consider yourself a religious person, then I’m going to have to let you know that your knee-jerk, biting comment only reinforces the image some hold of a narrow-minded, reactionary conservative who is inclined towards extremes- like throwing around words like hate, coward and liar- based on a blog post. Just sayin’. 😉


    • Ann says:

      I didn’t realize I was being knee jerk. How so? Because I objected? I didn’t say I hated you. Where did you get that from?? I hate cowards. Not you. Sorry you feel I’m a knee jerk kind of narrow minded person.
      Now how many knee jerk narrow minded persons actually read anything art related???
      But I will say what I feel. Whether this gets judged by anyone, I really don’t care. Just responding to a blog.
      Keep on doing your stuff– but you will have to also accept that occasionally people will disagree with you- whether you’re being tongue in check or totally serious. That is the business of art.


  3. Ann says:

    Just looked up snark: “Biting, cruel humor or wit, commonly used to verbally attack someone or something”. For what it is worth….guess I didn’t understand it was humor and I apologize for objecting what was considered to be humorous. My apologies.


  4. I didn’t know that lowercase t was a symbol of Christianity?! And me with a catholic school education! Honestly, the first thing that came to mind was a stake (I’ve got Buffy on the brain…it doesn’t take a lot to go sideways!).

    Religion…such a crapshoot.

    Totally agree with your last paragraph in your comment response, by the way.


  5. Stacey says:

    OMG Marianne! You heathen-Spanish-Inquistion-hating-coward!!! Btw I hate heathen-Spanish-Inquisition-hating-cowards, but don’t be jumping to conclusions that I hate you, cuz I hate people that do that! I HATE them! Please you need to spread peace and love and stop being mean! I hate mean people.

    Thank you for all your vocabulary-enhancing artwork. Before today I had never known that knee-jerk could be used as an adjective, a verb and a noun! I will try to use it once each way at work tomorrow to better myself.

    I am anxiously awaiting the installments brought to you by the letter L and E.


  6. Rein says:

    L is for Lame.

    Look at you ruffling feathers over here 🙂 lol. I love these little dictionary pages. Thanks for keeping things interesting. I like that you point out extremes and I love your snark. Keep up the good work. Miles of smiles from yours truly 😀


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