Sage Salamander

"Sage Salamander", a collage on 5x7" mini canvas.

Day 228: Sage Salamander

I’ve always found it really interesting how someone’s face can take on animal features. For example, I feel that the head coach of the San Jose Sharks looks very much like an adorable hedgehog.

Don't you want to ruffle his hair?

"Move your ass, Thornton!"

Today’s mini painting uses a dictionary page entitled “Sage Salamander”. I kind of feel like this chick has an “all-knowing” look- as if to say “I totally knew plaid would still be in 40 years from the time this pattern was printed”. Yet at the same time she’s seducing me with her eyes, but in a terrestrial amphibian sort of way, no?

 I’m tittering with delight over your gigglicious comments from yesterday! Couldn’t think of anything for that comment challenge? How about putting together an amusing alliteration using words from this dictionary page? As I hinted, I’m in a giving mood, so some free art is in the works for the funniest participants! 🙂

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