“This is the dawning of the age of equality…”

"Equate Ergo", a mixed media mini painting on 5x7" canvas

Day 226: Equate Ergo

This mixed media mini painting is a collage of a dictionary page and vintage sewing pattern illustration. When I found this one in a local Mormon thrift store, I found it be a very charming, romantic gaze between interracial lesbians and decided to hold on to it until the Prop 8 ridiculousness got resolved. Since it’s anticipated that gays will again be allowed to marry on August 18th (hopefully sooner), I thought it was time to pull it out of the closet. 😉

"You know I love it when you wear those overalls."

I placed the cutout illustration on a page reading “equate ergo” at the top. This expresses my opinion that gays and lesbians should have equal rights, ergo- let’s close the chapter on this era of bigotry and get those wedding bells chiming and disco balls spinning! Not that I’m implying every gay marriage celebration will include a disco ball. But this seventies image with crazy outfits is making me think of hilarious themed weddings. I can imagine the invites now… “swing by a local thrift store and get yourself some groovy duds… meet us on the steps of City Hall at 5 pm, August 18th with an afro and angel flights! Be there or be square!” (P.S. If anyone wants to borrow that idea, please feel free! And send me a picture!)

This would make a sweet wedding gift... 😉


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