Blech, this memory tastes like shame!

"Gossamer", 5x7" mixed media mini painting on canvas.

Day 223: Gossamer

Continuing adventures with paintings of the ether resulted in “Gossamer” today, a 5×7” mini canvas. I selected the dictionary snippet after seeing what form the string shape and gesso imprint on plastic “mirror” part took. “Gossamer” somehow seemed appropriate, as it’s the kind of word that makes my mind tiptoe off to Shakespearian lands of wonderment.

There's probably a 45 year old dude named Gossamer wandering the streets of SF right search of a latte. He goes by "Gus" at his programming job.

Of course, then I remember the horrifically embarrassing photo of me as an “elf” from Midsummer Night’s Dream during freshman year that mocked me from the walls forever. Seriously- tinfoil shorts (and vests!) over purple tights and leotards, a bad blonde perm and glasses over face paint. I’m sure that if Shakespeare had added elves to that play (bless our theater-marm’s heart for taking that liberty so more of us could create these woeful memories), they would not have had glasses, being magical beings who could conceivably create better garments from gossamer itself. A big thanks to those older drama geeks who didn’t bother to suggest I remove them for our lame ass photo shoot. 😐

Creepy? Pretty? Or creepy-pretty?

3 thoughts on “Blech, this memory tastes like shame!

  1. Christina says:

    We need a visual, Marianne. I recommend that you post a picture from the Midsummer Night’s Dream photo shoot, let all of those badly dressed demons out. No judgement here.


    • Yeah, um, tragically all photos and negatives were lost in a fictional fire, so… yeah. You’ll just have to conjure up a moment of your own adolescent fashion disaster and mentally paste my face on it. 😉


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