It’s begun.

"It's.... alive!"

Day 222: Biogen

“Man, it’s a parking lot out there,” Rob said as he headed into the kitchen with the dinner dishes. Within moment, the familiar house-shaking door slams of minivans rang through the air.

“Oh no. It’s begun.” I suddenly remembered the message on the marquee across the street at the recently dormant elementary school. I looked out to see our lawn once again overrun by screeching banshees. One particularly blood-curdling scream made our neck hairs prickle. But no one was being attacked by zombies outside. It was just a random, unwarranted “wolf” cry as I tend to think of them. At least my mom and grandma told my sister and I growing up that you shouldn’t scream like that for no reason or people won’t know when you really need help.

I soberly envisioned my next several months plucking Snickers wrappers and Coke cans from our lawn like one of the bears in that “Put it in the bag” Disney short (minus the singing and butt-waggling, plus clothing) and sighed as I put today’s mini painting up on the wall to photograph it before the daylight was gone.

I'd say this piece packs quite a punch for a 5x7" mini canvas.

Today’s inspiration came from watching the most recent “Work of Art” episode. The contestants were challenged to create artwork inspired by nature, incorporating an actual piece of nature in their finished work. While I did not head into my suburban jungle to collect a blade of grass with which to paint my canvas, I was interested to see how much some artists focus on process and saw my joy for letting materials kind of “do their thing” mirrored in the episode.

So I experimented by laying down gesso and placing string on it. I smooshed the string into the gesso with a plastic brush bag and the resulting pattern was really cool so I decided to embed it in the finished piece along with the definition of “biogen” which seemed to complement the soupy, organic composition achieved with liquid watercolors.

Don't get near this painting with a Geiger counter. Just sayin'.

It made me think of another painting I did before called String Theory– which actually ended up under the Christmas tree of a physicist!- and I’m thinking the school year isn’ the only chapter that’s begun. More art for nerds could be on the event horizon. {Snort, guffaw!} Stay tuned, junior scientists!

One thought on “It’s begun.

  1. Rein says:

    I love it. As always I love your use of color 🙂 I think Simon would approve! I still havent seen the episode but tonight is the finale!! Woohoo!


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