Unexpected adventures

Day 221: The Capitol- A Love Story

As I mentioned yesterday, I snapped some more photos in dear old Sacramento on Sunday. My intent was to get some images of buildings, which I did, but looking over them again today, I see some unexpected bits caught my eye (and my camera lens) as well. I arranged a few of them into today’s art, a photographic journey titled “The Capitol: A Love Story”. Enjoy!

Tucked away inside the heart-shaped tree hole, she found a note...

It read “Meet me where the tallest palm tree points at 9 am.”

Their eyes locked as they saw each other from across the steps. “Oh darling. You know I can’t bear to look away from you.”

“That’s a good thing considering we’re mounted here for all eternity,” she said wryly and grinned. “Apple?”

He smiled and began to play a ballad only she could hear.

Also, voting is now open for only two days on Instructables.com for the Summer Sewing Contest. My “How to make an upcycled art quilt” instructable is in the running and is currently in 19th place. There are prizes including a fancy schmancy Singer machine, and I’d really appreciate your vote if you have a second to spare! Spread the word, it’s a brief voting window! If you don’t have a username for instructables, it’s free and the site is a really wonderful, creative, exciting land of how-to’s from interesting people worth your attention. Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Unexpected adventures

  1. Fred says:

    Cool picture story; I’d say something about quintessential narratives through images and cave paintings, but I don’t want to get all pretentious up in here.

    You’ve got the vote from Electrocutables. I was seriously surprised that account name wasn’t taken, what with all the DIY that goes on there.


    • Moniker score! I’m also surprised no one thought of that! 🙂 thanks for the vote, glad you enjoyed the photo thing. Just curious Fred, how’d ya find my blog? Do you have a site/blog I should be checking out too? 🙂


      • Fred says:

        Oh, I’m the same Fred that stumbled across this a while ago from your upcycled book instructable. I’ve got some canvas and a chopped up book waiting on my floor right now coincidentally. No blog yet, but there’s one in the future for sure and I’ll let you know when it’s up. 🙂


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