Time Space Continuum

What year is it in this alley?

Day 219: Alleyway

Did you know that oil paint stays wet for 200 years? It’s true. There are carvings in cave walls that actually translate to “don’t touch! wet paint” and under that in tinier carvings it says “scratch this out sometime in AD when these will probably be dry. But check them with your pinky first”.

So, I may be exaggerating. But only by a couple hundred years or so. ANYWAY, the sheer fact that I am still working on the oil painting has reminded me why I never paint in oil. It is draining. It’s like in those fantasy books where you read about mages (if you are a nerd who reads fantasy books) who are all physically and mentally exhausted after performing some powerful task. Except that I am not dignified, or magical, and I don’t even have a cool stripe of white hair like Rogue.

So, long story short, for today’s art I decided to mess with another one of my photos from the other day until I got it looking kind of contrast-y and blue with the red building popping out. I like how the old car is in there because it kind of makes it feel like this alley is some wormhole in the time space continuum (is that how it’s spelled? I’m too lazy to look it up) and that some rollerskating waitress is going to appear out of thin air with a chocolate milkshake and car tray. Mmm.. ice cream. Darn you, lactose intolerance!

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