Flight of the Regular Polygon

"Flight of the Regular Polygon", acrylic paint & vintage sewing patterns on 8x10" canvas

Day 218: Flight of the Regular Polygon

I find it amusing that whomever programmed predictive text into our phones felt the need to impose some kind of digital morality upon the masses. They have gone so far as to select words that I don’t think even exist. For example- “chubi”. Every heard this one? I haven’t. I’m thinking it’s a bad misspelling of chubby? My phone thinks I’m more likely to text that mystery phrase than “bitch”. There’s also “ducking”, “app”, “shiv” (although an improvised prison weapon is hardly a nicer notion than its cuss word counterpart) and the insanely frustrating “481” which is not a cuss at all, but rather me trying to send “it.” Why these developers think I’m more likely to insert random numbers in a text than use punctuation is beyond me.


So, while I did spend some time on the ducking oil portrait, I ended up pulling this small painting out of my app. Some layers of vintage sewing patterns with navy line detail and some blue and white paint compose a fictional 2-D landscape where the squares and the triangles play. Darting around rhombus-shaped updrafts like a paper plane, regular polygon is off to seek adventure. 🙂 Have a great Friday night!

It's a little bluer in person than online, but the side view shows it a little better.

3 thoughts on “Flight of the Regular Polygon

  1. Ann says:

    It is too strange that you post this, because yesterday I was using vintage sewing patterns and cloth in a collage myself, thinking I was the only one doing this kind of art.

    I got some inspiration about your use of angles. That is a different direction than where I was going — I’m fixated on the names right now (found one with “Bloomers”).


  2. Hey Ann! Yeah, I’ve been using them in my mixed media pieces for a couple of months. I’m sure lots of artists have discovered this use for them kind of independently. 🙂 I love the transparency, the variation of lines, and the idea of using “patterns” at all in my pieces. The names are fun too, though! I’m not sure if you’re local, but I like to go out to Deseret Industries Thrift Store on Auburn Blvd. here in Sacramento, they usually have lots of vintage patterns for 25 cents a pop!


    • Ann says:

      I’m in Houston….but I’ve got 2 boxes patterns so I’m set for a while. I like adding the pictures from the envelopes too….but had my own disaster the other day with glossy gel medium. Gotta’ go and get some matt gel.


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