Realm of the odd

"Land Lariat", 5x7" painting with page on canvas

Day 215: Land Lariat

Rob has been uploading some great videos to my iPod lately, and one of these was Gregg Braden’s “The Divine Matrix” book on tape. One of the many fascinating things Braden mentions is how the world seems to give us messages at times. After listening to it in its entirety through the grueling 3.5 hour trafficfest trek to SF on Sunday, I have been trying to keep that in mind. I’m hoping the universe will deliver messages to me about how to pursue my path towards artistic fulfillment.

Detail shot of the city

Yet, being a visual creature, it’s sometimes the oddest things that stick around in my brain. For example, I walked past a chick cradling and petting- nay, stroking lovingly- the face of a giant plastic Bass fish in SF… twice. Then today at the grocery store I spied Harry Potter wearing an electric blue fanny pack as a purse and shopping for sushi. Do I consider these to be divine messages about the direction I should head with my artmaking? No. Then again, what do I know? Maybe I’m destined to create portraits of the most bizarre strangers I come across. *Shrug*

Usually I paint the edges but I like leaving these ones "nude".

Speaking of portraits, that self-portrait in oil is still going strong. I finished up a limited edition series of “Across the Bay”, a San Francisco skyline woodblock painting (originally done on Day 48). And today’s piece- Land Lariat- continues with the exploration of definitions and city illustrations. I think it’s interesting how you can interpret “land lariat” as streets and lines of homes encircling trees, or the other way around. 🙂  Here it is with a couple of its buddies from the past few days:

A fresh litter of little ones looking for a good home... 😉

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