"Black lacquer", a photo from SF's mission district

Day 214: Surfaces

Today I spent several hours working on the ever-loving oil portrait (don’t worry, it’s going pretty well despite my general impatience with the process), so I decided to crack open yesterday’s cache of images from San Francisco to see if any of them stand alone as photos. These two (after a little contrast and saturation enhancing on the computer) are working for me better as photos than as future-painting-reference-images.

"Hulk Smash!", another photo from the Mission district in SF

I’m fascinated with surfaces. In my paintings, I tend to stick with creating reasonable 2-D based texture- that is, I embed paper and fabric, but I’ve never stuck a giant broom into a canvas like Jasper Johns– but I very much enjoy the look of things that are crumbly, scraped, rusting, water-stained… I don’t know why. I just do.

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