Philologue fiesta!

"Grouty Guardian", cityscape painting on 5x7" canvas.

Day 210: Grouty Guardian

Today’s mini painting features another San Francisco hillside scene on a vintage dictionary page, including the Coit Tower. I thought it was apropos seeing as how this page has “grouty guardian” up at the top. Initially, I thought of grout as the gritty sandy stuff that goes between tiles, i.e. structural/architecture related, and the everpresent building up on the hill can be seen as a “guardian” (plus there’s a paper in SF called The Guardian, so it’s even more perfect).

But according to this page, “grouty” means “cross, sulky, dreggy”. Dreggy is a word I’ve never seen and I find it particularly amusing when I have to look up a word within a definition to understand the word I was looking up in the first place. It’s the same kind of odd little joy I get when I think about Wesley from The Princess Bride saying “I shall surely kill you in the morning”, because his character is telling a story to another character within a story being read to a boy by his grandfather, which we are then being “told” (shown/read) ourselves. Hee hee! It’s something like those Russian nesting dolls, I guess.

“Grouty Guardian” gives us gobs of other gems, like grubstake, gruyere, grumpy, guano and grysbok. Intrigued by my alliteration? Check out the detail shot. (Click it to see a larger view for more exciting-to-me obscure definitions.)

I dare you to use "grouty" in regular speech within the next week.

One thought on “Philologue fiesta!

  1. rein says:

    I like the definition of Grunt and Grunter. An Australian water grunt. Thats all I needed to see lol. I like that its described as a gutteral noise. Grunting in the gutter…thats where my mind instantly goes when I put that phrase together haha..the gutter.

    These are going to look great all together.


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