Haikus continued

I'm a messy painter...

Day 208: Haiku

It’s immeasurably frustrating when a self-portrait won’t yield to your brush. There I am on the canvas, staring back at me in defiance, mocking myself, refusing to bend to my own will. Mindboggling. So I took the gloves off. I got out the oil paint.

Generally I am afraid of oil paint. It frustrates me. It gets everywhere- and I’m a messy painter- and it takes forever and a day to dry. BUT it is beautiful and much much much easier for skin tones than acrylic is. Why I insist on attempting to do figurative work in acrylic is beyond me. Clearly I am an enigma to myself. So it’s getting better, but it’s not done. (I painted over everything but one eyeball earlier and started over.)

Hence, today’s art is another haiku, about this “frenemy” I have in oil paint. Enjoy!

Centuries unchanged

yielding, luminous, gentle

why do I fear you?


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