Hi, Haiku!

The tractor and the tree's romance could not be.

Day 207: Haiku

After yesterday’s epic fail, I decided to actually do a self-portrait painting on canvas. Which I’ve never done. Unless you count this thing I did in college:

Necks are easier to paint than faces, fyi.

And it was actually coming along pretty well until I realized that all the features just needed to get scootched around. Nose needed to move up a little, which then meant the otherwise-perfectly-good-mouth did too, and it’s possible the left eye is going to need to be repainted, hence- there’s a massive pile of frustration sitting in my studio right now where a finished painting should be. But I actually want it to look good. Soooooo, I decided to write a short poem as today’s artwork in lieu of driving myself crazy in the studio for another few hours. (Insanity by way of portraiture can certainly wait until tomorrow.)

Not wanting to leave you with pure text, I also included a photo I took awhile ago when it was still raining. Which is totally unrelated to today’s poem unless you count the melancholy mood of it. 🙂 I promise, tomorrow will be better. Until then, a haiku-

daylight wanes again

weeks blend into months flowing

like watercolor


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