Upcycled Art Love

Oooh, ruffles!

Day 205: Spanish Lavender & The Iliad

Today I learned that few things are as satisfying at taking a pile of junk mail and turning it into upcycled art. I’m not head-over-heels, Golden-era-romance-film in love with this piece, but it’s a hint of what could be to come. It’s winking at me. And I’ll take a wink over a middle finger from my artwork any day.

My scissors answered the sleazy mating call of my junk mail pile and this was born.

To make this piece, I carted my 12 x 16” canvas outside with this giant obnoxiously large stick of charcoal (that I initially bought years ago partially for its novelty, but which is handy for large sketching) and did a loose outline of our Spanish lavender’s shadow. I pictured photons shooting through the air at slanted angles as I headed back out of the heat and filled in half the canvas with a French gray. Strips of the Iliad served as directional texture, and junk mail/phone book flowers topped it off. I sense continued decoupage nonsense in my near future.

Markedly more entertaining than tossing it into the recycling bin.

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