Captain! The hull! It cannae hold much longer!

The massive density of this sculpture commands your attention through the laws of physics.

Day 202: Imploding Quilt

After years of collecting stitchable odds and ends, every corner of the spare room was full of supplies. Boxes filled with fabric covered the futon. Spools of thread and bags of buttons littered the floor. Stacks of books obscured the carpet. One day, Marianne opened the door and tossed in a roll of batting, and something odd happened. Items began to shrink away from her, pulling inexplicably towards the center of the room. A piercing, bright light ripped through the air. A sound, quiet at first, grew louder until it was like a giant Hoover sucking up the Niagara Falls.

“It’s finally collapsed in on itself! I told you that room was nearing maximum density! You’ve broken the laws of physics with your crafting!” Rob yelled as he ran into the hallway and shut the door in front of a stunned Marianne.

Then the noise suddenly stopped. Marianne looked at Rob for the all clear and he nodded. She opened the door. The room was empty, save a rotating ball of paper, thread and other sewing sundries hovering in the center.

“Good thing you installed that gravitational shielding in here,” she said as she examined the ball more closely. “Think this thing counts as my daily art?”

“Wow. Just wow.” Rob said, shaking his head as he walked away to get the camera.

Apparently photo'ing sculptures takes a lot more angle shots than paintings.

🙂 This is my first sculpture piece, boys and girls! Whaddaya think? I had a great time last night at Sacramento Social Media Club’s “The Art of Social Media” event at the Urban Hive. It’s a cool space, the audience was great, our moderator Julie is amazing, Hot Italian provided some bitchin’ slobber-worthy pizza and Two Rivers Cider showed up with some kick-ass Pomegranate, Blood Orange and Huckleberry libations. A fantastic time was had by all! Thanks to SMCSac for having me!

4 thoughts on “Captain! The hull! It cannae hold much longer!

  1. bwahahahahahahaaha – yeah, i’d use an eleventh finger if i had to to count this one… or may be that means moving into toes…? and yeah, i had to laugh on that story all the way through. heck, it may even count toward Blanket as Series: Symbolism and Story in some mythological universal way…

    i actually came here to see if this is where i had read something about being encouraged to use ink rather than graphite in sketchbooks. was that your blog? at the time i remember thinking i’d never been exposed to that bit of wisdom/insight – i’d just gravitated to it through experience. yeah, i seldom use graphite in sketchbooks now because it smudges eventually. i still like graphite tho. and for that very quality sometimes too. …altho where i choose rather than the blob i began to find in some of my earlier sketchbooks… which explains (at least to me) some of my current fascination with digital graphite. …or at least that look… oops. ramble drifting…

    yeah. thanks to Calder and his stabiles and mobiles, i’d say you have here a mobile floater, suspended and if it lands it becomes a stabile – imo. fun. cool. and heck yeah it counts.


  2. bombaygirl says:

    It was great to finally meet you, Marianne! You did a great job as a panelist, very confident. Nice star trek references…the kids and I were watching the Chris Pine Star Trek last night. Coincidence? I don’t think so…


    • It was great meeting you too! I didn’t see your note on Facebook, so it was a happy surprise to see you there! You know, it’s funny, having been in sales I guess I just got used to talking to people. It really never freaks me out. Then again, I was talking about art, and I’m always comfortable talking about that topic. 🙂 How funny, you were just watching that! I swear, sometimes we’re all on the same wavelength…


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