The little things

Day 200: Fulfilled

Ah, the little things. They can mean so much, or drive us bat-poop crazy. Take for example, the simple act of bagging groceries. I take it as a given that the majority of the human population is familiar with bread, bananas and tomatoes. I assume that most people understand that these items don’t hold up well to crushing. Yet every time I let it slide and don’t bag them myself or specifically remind the bagger not to murder my five-dollar-a-pound Heirlooms with my sharp-edged, heavy cartons of soy milk, I find them cowering sadly at the bottom of the bag when I get home. These bananas made a perilous journey from South America or somewhere. They managed to get all the way here without being bruised. That’s some serious kid glove treatment. For goodness sake, don’t put them next to the frozen stuff! They turn instantly black. Why does this require special training?! Where is this land, free of perishable food goods, that coincidentally raises all the grocery baggers of the world yet neglects to mention this? AAARRGGHH. /end rant

it's hard to see but the handwriting reads "was being fulfilled"

On the other hand, sometimes you’re walking into a store and you smile at a toddler, and the brightest, happiest, most unencumbered and freely joyful smile spreads across their face right back at you, and you can carry that light around in your heart for days. A happy little thing inspired today’s painting. I picked up this German reader from the 30’s at the thrift store awhile back. This particular page included a handwritten English translation note in pencil script that read “was being fulfilled”, which made me smile, along with a little doodle of an arrow shooting into the sky. I added some gold and yellow paint, traced the edges of the forms where the paper had bubbled up with blue pastel, dripped a little watercolor on and tied some dark blue embroidery floss around it. It feels a little like that toddler’s grin to me. 🙂

"Fulfilled", a mini painting on 5x7" canvas

4 thoughts on “The little things

  1. MissKoolAid says:

    I love the colour combo. And the embroidery floss around it ties the whole composition together. (pun intended!)


  2. Wow, what a nice blog stop this was, i’ve been looking at your different art forms for a while now. Love the yellow painting. Your whole project is very cool, I hope it is going great!


    • Thanks so much! It really helps keep me going when I get comments like yours that brighten my day. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you like what you see. 🙂 I’ll check out your blog as well!


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