And this little sister wore her hair up…

Drawing of my cousin Gabby

Day 198: Gabby

If you think you’re seeing double, you are, regardless of whether or not you’re smashed while also reading this blog. (And if so, bravo to you. Pulling off cultural appreciation and being a lush at the same time is impressive!) 🙂 Today’s piece is a drawing of Gabby, Molly (from Day 196)’s twin. Emily is their older sister. They also have two other siblings who will make it under the pencil one of these days.

My Auntie Kasey was 13 when I was born, and lived with us for awhile when I was growing up. My first memories of her are as the beautiful young woman/loving older sister who always had time for me and treated me as an equal. Growing up with her, my Grandma and my mom in the same house at the same time was such a blessing. All three of them encouraged me creatively and had a huge impact on who I am today.

I have only seen a few pictures of Aunt Kasey as a kid, but when I got all the features down in this drawing of her daughter, Gabby, all I could see smiling back at me was the child face of my Aunt Kasey. It was so eerie to feel like I was staring backwards in time, drawing a moment that existed before I was born. They’re so cute, they almost make me want to have a baby. Almost. Here are the three together:

4 thoughts on “And this little sister wore her hair up…

  1. Aunt Kasey says:

    I of course love this drawing but today your words drew me in even more. I didn’t realize how much the girls resembled me until you mentioned it. I recall a picture of me holding you as a newborn and this drawing of Gabby is so close to that image. Thank you for taking the time to capture my baby girls with your talented touch and for warming my heart with your words. Getting to help raise you was an honor and a time I greatly cherish.


    • 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed these! I’ll get them copied and give them to you at Grandpa’s birthday party in August. You really are an amazing person. The world is lucky that you decided to raise some amazing children in it.


  2. sophietousignant says:

    Those portraits are gorgeous! I’ve always envied artists who do realistic work. I think it’s magic in some way.


    • Thanks Sophie! I saw you draw a face the other day, I’m sure you can do it too if you want to. Then again, I don’t always want to. So I can understand if you’re ‘just not that into’ making realist work. 🙂


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