I resemble that remark

A drawing of my cousin Emily

Day 197: Emily

I’m serving on a panel for an event called “The Art of Social Media”** here in Sacramento next Tuesday. Today we had a brief meet-up to get to know each other beforehand, and it was really a thrill. Eben Burgoon, the co-creator of this rad webcomic will be there, as will Jeff Musser, an amazing figurative painter whose oils you may have seen up recently at the Verge Gallery, and a few other people with really interesting perspectives on how social media and art go together.

Meeting Jeff was interesting, since I realized who he was once he started describing his aesthetic, and I knew I had seen his paintings before we met in person. This guy does highly detailed oils. It made me feel like even more of a whiner for being reluctant about getting back into portraiture. So today I did a drawing of another one of my adorable cousins, Emily. I still haven’t worked up to watercolor, but here are a couple more I did in the past:

Thanks for letting me photograph your kids in a park, parents of Fremont!


Couldn't get this guy to crack a smile for a stranger, but it worked out anyway.

There are photos of me as a kid that look almost identical to Emily at the same age, even though our parents are pretty different looking. My dad is what demographics collectors call ‘Hispanic’, (which always messed me up on standardized tests because they only gave you ‘White, NOT of Hispanic origin’) and her dad is like Polish or something. My aunt looks a bit like my mom, but I never saw them as twins or anything. But I guess it’s just proof that the female genetics in our bloodline are bossy enough to override paternal characteristics.

**“The Art of Social Media” is Tuesday, July 20th at 6:30 pm at The Urban Hive, a co-working space on 1931 H St. The Sacramento Social Media Club hosts these events monthly with different industry foci and this time around, it’s art! So if you’re in the area and want to network, enjoy some drinks and pizza and maybe pick up a few tips on how to better understand and use social media to help out your art career, swing on by! Parking’s free and so is the event.

Register for the event here!


5 thoughts on “I resemble that remark

  1. Aunt Kasey says:

    Did you feel like you were doing a child-self portrait when you drew this? I call Emily Marianne at least 3 times a day. She used to get annoyed until I pulled out a picture of you at the age of 8 and showed it to her. She looked perplexed and said, “I don’t have that shirt and who’s house am I in.” When she realized it was you she was looking at and even she did not know the difference, she stopped getting annoyed at me. We have amazing chick genes. I hope she ends up more than just looking like you.


  2. Really looking forward to having you on our panel Marianne. You are full of passion and knowledge and I can’t wait for you to share some of it with our Social Media Club members!


  3. bluebicicletta says:

    These are completely amazing and gorgeous! You are phenomenally talented on many levels! I can’t believe your range! It’s amazing!


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