Sir, it’s quite possible this asteroid is not entirely stable.

Slices of fence post + paint = yay!

Day 183: Lonely Tree on Woodblock

It’s an early post today as I’m headed in to the bay area to deliver paintings, visit my cousin, and attend the gallery opening this evening in the city. Now is the time of the “scramble”- do I have enough art supplies? The camera cable? Saline solution? Shoes? Directions? Ack! Thankfully, I’m a list-maker. So unless I forget to put something on the “don’t forget these things” list, we’re good. 😉

This morning’s piece is a tiny landscape on woodblock. One of my favorite things about driving in to the bay is taking 680. Rolling, golden hillsides of dry grass sway in the cool bay breeze and make me feel like I am an ant crawling along the back of a giant lion, who may stretch and shake us all off at any point. Though, I suppose in California, that analogy isn’t too far off from the truth, eh? 😉 (P.S. If you get today’s blog post title reference, congratulations! You’re a nerd too!)

I love how the wood grain in this piece provides an imitation sun and rays. Don’t forget, everyone! City Art Gallery at 828 Valencia St. in San Francisco, tonight from 7-10 pm. Come see tons of fabulous art, meet the intriguing artists that made it, and enjoy some wine and appetizers!

Oooh, glowy.

12 thoughts on “Sir, it’s quite possible this asteroid is not entirely stable.

  1. “‘Not entirely stable’? Well, I’m glad you’re here to tell us these things!”
    Yet another nerd present and accounted for. Have you ever played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit? It’s a wicked game. I am always the Vader figure.

    I do like how the wood grain mimics sun rays. It meshes well with the rolling hills and gives a good impression of what some of the hillier (is that a word?) country in CA is like.


    • 🙂 Tee hee! I haven’t played that, but it may be on my christmas wish list this year. Thanks for the suggestion!

      I say “hillier” is a word, darn it. I sometimes forget that people outside of CA read this blog, and I’m glad it gives you a feeling of our terrain. 🙂 Painting on woodblock is fun, the paint kind of soaks in to the wood as you go. You should try it!


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