Sweet 6 month mark!

5x7 and full of love!

Day 181: Pastel Hill #2

Today is a special day, ladies and gentlemen. Today is the six month mark- the halfway point- a “wow” moment, if you will. But there’s no time to pause and reflect- I am celebrating by finishing up Instructable #2, the long-awaited linocut how-to. Will it be up tonight? No promises. But soon, my pretties. Soon. 😉

I was so enamored with the palette of yesterday’s mini city, I decided to do another one today. Here they are, happy together in the studio.

Usually my mind is quiet while I’m painting. Today it yammered off thusly for a bit:

“You know, these are probably more like Miami colors than they are San Francisco colors.”

“I don’t think only ever watching CSI:Miami constitutes enough exposure to that city for you to be an authority on its palette.”

“Point taken. But they sure do use just gorgeous colors on that show, don’t they?”

“For sure, dude. They totally do.”

Here’s a tip if you are a painter who likes to draw on the canvas before (or during) your painting process- use watercolor pencils instead of graphite! They blend in to acrylic paint easily since both are water-soluble, and can be washed away with a clean, wet brush easier than graphite can be erased. Plus you can pick a tone close to the paint color that will be in that area to help it disappear, or retain the look of the colored pencil with a little bit of matte medium. This was truly a joyful discovery for me, and I hope it helps you out too. 🙂

Stay tuned for the new instructable, and for a new video encapsulating 6 months’ worth of work!

Looking at this painting feels like getting a hug.


2 thoughts on “Sweet 6 month mark!

    • Thank you, darling! Yes, I used to get insanely frustrated by using graphite for outlining. This has totally solved that problem for me. I just got a set of 24 colors or so, it wasn’t too terribly costly. They do sell them individually as well at most art stores.


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