Lilliputians built this city

That's a lot of hillside for a 5x7 canvas

Day 170: Crayon Hill

I delivered some paintings to my friend Todd, a talented graphic designer on Friday. One of the paintings was Rooftops & Treetops from Day 96, which I truly cherish. Seeing it again and knowing it has a good home where it will also be enjoyed inspired me to get out the same set of photos Rob & I took in the hilltops above the mission district a couple years ago. I used a small part of one photo with a sea of buildings as a jumping off point. A quick sketch and some layers of acrylic, oil and charcoal later, this partially textured painting emerged.

What I told Todd that I like so much about adding charcoal into my paintings is that it retains that drawing element, and that the charcoal has this velvety, matte texture that is different from the shine of the paint. I just like it, what can I say?

What a sweet waterpark SF would make.

P.S. I just finished the Instructable I mentioned yesterday. If you’re looking for a fun craft project or want to make your own upcycled book art, check it out!

4 thoughts on “Lilliputians built this city

  1. Ashwini says:

    Hiya there … Just saw the instructable and was so impressed that I had to say Hi! Thanks for a wonderful wonderful idea .. I love literature too and I want to make this for me! The painting above looks awesome too … I wish I could be so unconventionally creative too! 🙂 Keep the good work going!


    • Hi Ashwini! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I’m glad you enjoyed the instructable! I had a great time making it. I just added a tip about selecting which book to cut up, because as a lover of books, it can be sad to take one apart. I would love to see the end result if you try this out one of these days! I think everyone has creativity inside of them, it’s just a matter of connecting with it. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Have a great day! -Marianne


  2. Christina says:

    Hi Marianne- Lindsey just bought me “Lilliputians” for my birthday and I love it! I will be stalking your website (like I already don’t!) because I think this one needs some other little city scape canvas friends so it doesn’t get lonely!


    • Hi Christina! I’m so glad you like it! I plan to make some more mini cities, so keep an eye out. 😉 I know you do as it is! Yay! I love it when my art goes off into the world to be appreciated in a happy home.


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