Time for a free lino card!

Such a big mess for such a tiny painting...

Day 162: Cry of Astonishment

Even though I make art and do my blog post every day, I’m still amazed at the way the days just fly by. I’m almost half way through this thing, people! I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with anything daily for six months besides basic life functions (breathing, eating sleeping, etc.). So on the topic of time, I’m composing today’s blog post with a set of lyrics from songs referencing time, mad-libs style! Whoever’s the first person to fill in the blanks correctly (OR all the artists I used) in the comments wins a free lino card! Yay! Good luck!

Time keeps on slipping… into the _______. Sometimes it feels like I just fritter and _______ the hours in an offhand way. With plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled _______. For the _____ now will be later to win for the times they are a-changin’. This is the time to remember ‘cause it will not last _________. Life is very short, and there’s no time for _______ and fighting, my friend. I have always thought that it’s a ______, so I will ask you once again. What’s the time? It’s time to get ___.

I’m working away at that cityscape, so today’s piece is another text-based mini-painting with a bit from Nancy Drew.

5x7 and ready to rock. As soon as the paint dries.

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