Hello, computer.

A photo of milk glass for today's artwork

Day 157: Swirls

Have you ever been enamored with an object? I have. Right now, it’s the milk glass gramma gave us on our table. I just love looking at it. As I am only about 95% done with this monster…

Just some fire escape platforms and a phantom bicyclist to go.

…I decided to snap a creative image of the swirly white vessels as today’s artwork. I’m a PC, so my digital creativity is limited. Besides that, it’s just so much easier for me to paint something the way I want it to be than to make a computer do it for me through obtuse drop-down commands or secret options 7 menus in. Whenever I’m using a new program, I stave off total boredom by pretending I’m tackling a new level in a video game. That way, when it takes me 20 minutes to figure out how to do something, I see it as an unlocked achievement.

“You found the flyer templates! You earned 17 xp and a bronze mousepad!”

I consider it a miracle of self-control that I’ve never punched a monitor. I say the scientists take some time off from working on the next generation of penis pills and figure out how to make computers function on voice command. “Silly Marianne, genetic engineers aren’t the same as computer engineers!” I hear you. But I figure most of them are guys, who could also use voice technology to aid in the internet’s primary function (i.e. porn). Maybe if they put their heads together they could work it out quicker. Then again, commands like “hmm. Make it prettier” probably wouldn’t be too effective in image editing anyway. Oh well. 🙂 Have a great week!

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