Painting purgatory


Day 156: H is for…

Another day trapped in cityscape painting purgatory. Is the inclusion of the words “heaven/heavenly” in this piece a subliminal expression of my wish to be finished with this painting? Perhaps. (Seen here playing a role in a dream sequence/i.e. no flash and moving hands)

I had a dream... that I was done with this painting.

Managed to also create another mixed media alphabet painting with vintage sewing patterns, a bit from the dictionary, a physics diagram and some Nancy Drew text.


Time to unwind while watching Conan The Destroyer. Woohoo! Movies like that make me think of the 80’s when I was a kid and my biggest concerns were new tapes for Teddy Ruxpin and beating my sister at laser tag. Which I soooo owned her at for years, btw. What is more fun than laser tag, really? Answer that one.


Gotta say, it is still seriously weird to watch an action movie in which our governor is the hero. My “all those muscles and he still couldn’t fix the budget” joke did not go unappreciated by Rob. It’s an old one, but I guess that’s part of marriage- laughing at each other’s lame jokes and magically making them un-lame. 🙂

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