Day 148: Into the air

Patterns, pages and dots, oh my!

It’s 10:30 pm and I’m sitting here staring at the computer screen waiting for inspiration to strike. I did the same thing a few hours ago in my studio. Thankfully, my zombie hands went to work making art while my brain checked out for awhile. It’s quite lethargic and doesn’t feel like aiding me in this blog post, however, so let’s see what the hands figure out without it… ljdkjjknwopcvfkl. Hmm. Guess the brain is required for writing.

Some visible text bits in the painting include "into the air" and "atomic"

But what I said about it checking out during painting is really true. My chatterbox mind settles down while I’m making art. It pipes up now and again to say something like: “don’t put that line there, it bisects the composition. Asymmetry… ASYMMETRY” or something less useful like: “You just made that part look like poop. It was a lot better before you pooped it up. Are you going to finish soon? Because I want to watch Comedy Central.” For the most part, my creativity comes from some kind of impulsive, mind-less place within that just guides me without screaming out what I should be doing in spelled-out thoughts. It’s hard to explain. Look, art!

"Into the air", a mixed media painting on 8x10" canvas

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