Day 144: Burn

Here's one for the Burn pile! Haha! Get it? Burn? Sigh.

Man. Sometimes I just want to kick a painting in the face, you know what I mean? Hmm… actually, unless you’re a painter, you probably have never had that particular urge yourself. I guess I won’t be setting the world on fire with my catchy new phrase after all. You won’t be hearing “it’s just one of those kick-a-painting-in-the-face kind of days” around the water cooler. Oh well. There goes that dream. 😉

The thing about artmaking is that it has many sides. Sometimes everything is beautiful and glittery and slow-motion like a romantic comedy, and your piece comes out just perfect in the end. Other times, it’s like being trapped in a broken elevator with someone you can’t stand. At first, you try to figure out how to work things in the conversation to make life more bearable while you’re stuck there. Then, as the minutes tick by, you start to wonder if it’s possible to make yourself pass out from sheer irritation just so you won’t have to endure it any longer. And when that doesn’t work, you consider the consequences of kicking that person in the face.

The latter was how today’s painting evolved. I refrained from damaging the canvas, but I’m happy to see this one wrap up. This mixed media painting includes a dictionary page outlining the conjugation of the verb “to love” in Spanish, vintage botanical illustrations, sheet music, a bit of a map and a vintage drawing from a speech book. There are patterns buried somewhere beneath this mess of acrylic, pastel, and lots of oil paint that exacted its vengeance by getting all over my arms and my shirt.

My sister was messy as a kid; she once got multiple bits of corn on the cob in her eyebrows at the dinner table. I felt like that today as the oil paint kept attacking me. Ooh, maybe we can get that one going instead! Next time you see someone with mustard or ink or something all over the place, just say “wow, you’ve really got some corn in your eyebrows today, huh?” I bet Ashley will love that one. I can see it spreading like wildfire now…


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