Day 141: Patterns

'Patterns', a mixed media painting on canvas

If you didn’t notice, they had an INTERACTIVE PacMan game up on the Google homepage today. I was in my studio this morning when tell-tale video game blip-bleep noises beckoned me to the office, where I kicked Rob out of the chair and wasted a good half hour dusting off my childhood gamer skills. I estimate that massive amounts of work hours worldwide were lost to this clever commemoration of PacMan’s 30th anniversary. Except for the people who didn’t realize that they could use their direction pad to gobble ghosts, who are going to be totally bummed out when they hear about it tomorrow.

Seeing that PacMan is 30 made me think of how 1980 is now 30 years ago (crazy!), how I am a lot closer to my 30’s than my 20’s (I’m only 2 years younger than PacMan), and how interesting it is that the paper bits I used in my painting today are older than that by a couple decades or more.

Detail shot

Today’s painting on a 9”x12” canvas features a colorful, abstracted landscape with a bit of retro flavor. Using vintage sewing patterns and book pages, I layered colored glazes in acrylic and oil pastel for the “fields” and “sky” and edged them with charcoal for contrast. With layers of printed information behind the image of manicured acres of agriculture, “Patterns” was inspired by the increasing awareness of organic food safety and natural health concerns I’ve experienced and that I’m also seeing in others.

Happy Birthday to my cousin Jaclyn, an amazing young woman and teacher! Have a great Friday night, everyone.

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