Day 138: Don’t Talk About The Weather

Look, it's raining disinformation!

I spent the earlier part of today working on the commission piece, which is on a wood panel. I love painting on wood. It’s soft and rough and absorbent and can take way more abuse than canvas. I’d just read an article about “going with the flow” in order to really enjoy life, so when I picked up a panel, I realized that the grain pattern of the wood itself is really quite intriguing on its own and decided to work with it instead of drawing something over it.

I traced some of the lines, which began to form a landscape-y composition. I painted in a large cloud and some ground, then I busted out the watercolor pencils for the sky. They had such fabulous names- heliotrope, carmine, vermilion… so I thought “heck, I think I’m going to write the names in there, like some kind of cool color-by-number”. And after I’d done that, I began to think of this video I watched recently that talked about the difference between disinformation and misinformation, and how “the powers that be” use both skillfully to successfully discredit dissenters. I can’t look at clouds without thinking about Chemtrails, and the particles of watercolor pencil began to fall on the cloud in a way that made me think of the particulates in aerial spraying tainting our atmosphere, so I wrote some of those in. Then I went back and crossed everything out and replaced it with the words used by the organizations that tell us everything is A-OK. I even included the title of an amusing, well-done documentary about Chemtrails called “don’t talk about the weather”.

I feel like it may have been better as a plain old landscape without the words in it, but then again, it was interesting to try to put some kind of written statement in with the imagery. And in conclusion, GO SHARKS! My game is on in a few, so see y’all tomorrow!

One thought on “Day 138: Don’t Talk About The Weather

  1. I like this a lot. I also love hardwood panels, though the closest I’ve come to painting on untreated wood is a small piece of balsa! I find your various inspirations to be quite refreshing!


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