Day 134: “Joviality” Art Card

You don’t have to take a color theory class to know that certain colors are associated with certain feelings. A sunny yellow piece of paper as a background for today’s SF cityscape drawing/painting on dictionary page card (wow, that’s a mouthful!) seemed appropriate for the page with “Joviality” on it. And kind of funny since SF is so frequently gray and not sunny at all. 🙂 This card is posing in front of my trusty Singer. How I love thee, sewing machine.

We’re having a garage sale tomorrow! It’s our first. Maybe it will somehow make us feel like extra-bonafide-homeowners. Then again, a monthly mortgage payment is pretty effective in that regard. I’m going to ‘clearance sale’ some old handmade jewelry to make room for new goodies. Yay! Oh also, I’ll get a little more room around here so I can set up my drafting table and get some of the stacks of canvases out of my studio. Maybe I’ll even set up a formal areas for paper, fabric and paint. MAYBE. 🙂 We’ll see how it goes.


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