Day 133: “Memorablemente” Art Card

'Memorablemente' cityscape on vintage dictionary page

Back in high school, when my last name was Ramirez and I was dating a guy with the same last name (unrelated, I assure you), I used to watch a lot of Spanish TV over at his mom’s house in San Jose. They used to keep the subtitles on (sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish) because his stepdad is hard of hearing. I enjoyed it because it helped me learn more Spanish, believe it or not. Ex used to get all pissed off when I tried to speak it to his mom, of course, because he’s an everlasting douchebag. (That’s like an everlasting gobstopper, except instead of hard candy that never runs out, it’s jerk-face-ness that lasts forever. There’s a lot of this out there in the world, ladies. Now you know- and knowing is half the battle.)

My favorite shows were the novelas, or Spanish Soap Operas. If you’ve never seen one, you really should. They are hilarious. Imagine a regular soap opera, but somehow even more over the top. Every spoof you’ve ever seen of a novela is probably not much of a stretch. You don’t really have to speak the language to tell what’s going on. Affairs, forbidden love, secret pregnancies, kidnapping, crazy ass moustaches, amazing hair- they all breach language barriers.

Today’s piece is another cityscape drawn/painted on to an English/Spanish dictionary page- this one with the word “memorablemente” at the top which I’m assuming means “memorably”. I know. Mad Spanish skills in action with that cognate there. This is another San Francisco hillside image; in fact, I’ve been able to use little portions of the same couple of photographs for multiple works. I’m probably going to do a couple more of these; at the end, I’ll show you how many different paintings I’ve made from just one photograph, and that photo. Not nearly as big of a cliffhanger as say, a character everyone thought was dead showing up to stop her fiancé from marrying her sister or something, but hey. I do my best. 😉

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