Day 132: City Art Card

Art card with drawing of SF hillside

So I realized the other day that I’ve got the promise of daily snark up there in my blog header, and to be honest- there have been plenty of snark-free days around here lately. This can be partially attributed to this quantum physics/law of attraction stuff I’ve been learning about that generally recommends being positive. But it’s also because I can’t seem to craft cackle-worthy moments of quality snark every day. Some days it’s hard enough just to get the art out. That said, I want to commit to more good old-fashioned mini-rants to help jokingly illuminate some of the dusty corners of the art world. So you have my word- more snark on its way!

And to kick that off, I’d like to make some comments about emo hipsters. What’s a hipster you ask? Take a look at this site for some fantastic mockery of this too-cool-for-words breed of art school dropouts. Warning- not entirely safe for work. Thanks for sharing that gem with me, Nick!

ATTENTION HIPSTERS- ENOUGH WITH THE MOUSTACHES. That’s right. I said it. Shave that junk off or grow a groomed goatee to go with it if you’re one of the few men in the world who can pull it off, i.e. this guy:

Food gets stuck in them, your hand-rolled cigarettes/joints stink them up, you look like a failed Vaudeville performer plunked into the 2010’s right in front of an American Apparel store adjacent from the film department at private art college. It’s like every single band I see on every late show recently has 6 dudes with dirty hair, tight lavender pants, ugly glasses, scarves and MOUSTACHES playing keyboard and singing in stupid high-pitched voices. That means you, MGMT. Ugh. Knock it off already.

Thinking about my upcoming show in July at City Art Gallery in the mission district of San Francisco today, I got out a photo of the city on the hill and did this drawing/painting on a vintage English/Spanish dictionary page. I drew it in with watercolor pencil, then painted clear acrylic medium over it to brighten up the colors and finished the lines in black pen. Sewn on to heavy cardstock with a piece of shimmery aqua paper, this 5×7” art card is an example of putting together two of my favorite inspirations- words and cityscapes.

2 thoughts on “Day 132: City Art Card

  1. Love the card…hate the hipster mustaches. Worse than a bad hipster mustache, however, is the dead skunk growing on Guy Fieri’s face. Seriously, who told him that a goatee with a bleached bush in the middle was a good idea?


  2. rein says:

    I love MGMT.hahahha. Lavender pants lame. Plum or deep purple…kind of intriguing.the card is awesome. It looks so cozy.


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