Day 130: Cheerful but spooky

"Cheerful but spooky" mini painting with text

Sometimes I see or hear words that simply intrigue me. When I saw these adjectives together (in Capote’s “Dazzle”, I think), I thought “there has to be a good way to paint that.” So I worked with some magenta, orange, red and gold for the “cheerful”, and some black (with a layer of red on top) and drop patterns for “spooky”. Success? Rob is digging it, I’m ambivalent at the moment.


I say paintings are like guns in that there’s a 3-day waiting period needed to decide how you really feel about it. Try that one out yourself- next time you see a painting you like and might buy, sit on it for three days. If you keep thinking about how great it is and how you might not be able to go on living without it, you can feel pretty confident when making that purchase. On the other hand, if you start to think it’s not that awesome and why did you even like it in the first place and maybe it was the free booze at the gallery opening, then save that dough!

Art’s kind of like dating. Sometimes you meet it and are instantly infatuated and take it home, but a few days later you come to realize it’s really a shallow piece of work and you’ve seen all the interesting parts already. 😉 A good piece of art- like a good mate- should constantly bring you joy. You should never get tired of it. You should continue to see different sides to it as time goes on. At least, that’s what I strive for in my artmaking, and in my relationship. Thanks for your continued support, my handsome hubby!

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