Day 124: Artichoke Art Card

Artichoke linocut stamped on to a vintage vegetarian cookbook page

Ah, the artichoke. Despite the inclusion of a violent verb in its name, this veggie is beautiful. I don’t really like to eat them, which seems sacrilegious since I’m Californian, but I am not a fan of mayonnaise and also they have spikes on the tips of the leaves plus a dangerous center. I like the flavor of artichoke, and I once had some crazy awesome artichoke bread at a roadside bakery near Santa Cruz. I’m just not into combat with my vegetables.

They make patient models for drawing, however. I stamped today’s linocut on to a page from the “Vegetarian Cookery” book I mentioned the other day. I included its cover in the first photo so you could see what I meant when I said it featured an unappetizing pile of slop. Seriously, who would pick this up and say, “mmm! That vomit-like slush bucket looks like a fabulous vegetarian dish! Sign me up!”. That’s right- no one. Which is why its recipe pages are best as the background for some sassy veggie linocuts sewn onto cards with olive green thread. 🙂

P.S. Is anyone interested in learning how to tackle linocuts? If so, I can put together a how-to for my curious crafters out there. Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Day 124: Artichoke Art Card

  1. I’ve done linocuts before but only on the really hard stuff that has to be heated to soften before it can be carved. I, for one, would love a refresher!


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