Day 116: Gramafunk

DISCLAIMER: If you’re a guy, you might not want to read today’s post. You’ve been warned. Lady stuff. Click away now. Last chance.

So, it’s “that time of the month”, except that I, like 1 out of every 10 women, have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This condition essentially causes fertility problems due to a hormonal imbalance. I don’t ovulate normally, so I don’t have normal menstrual times either. I may not have even discovered this since I’ve been on birth control pills for 13 years- I discovered I had this condition just a few years ago- and I found out only very recently that PCOS is also closely linked with diabetes. While I’m kind of pissed off that my OBGYNs never bothered to mention this minor detail to me, I’m kind of pissed off about everything right now. That’s how it is. My body doesn’t naturally deliver the hormonal spike to signal ovulation, but it surely delivers whatever hormone causes everything on the planet to irritate me.

Since you can only get reasonably affordable health benefits in this country through an employer (this pre-existing condition of mine makes independent insurance pretty costly), I now have to decide if I stop taking the pills altogether or pay a whole lot to keep getting them until my prescription expires. I can’t rely on the rhythm method since my natural rhythm is off-kilter, I tried a non-hormonal IUD which didn’t work (that’s how they found the PCOS)… it’s enough to make me want to haul a megaphone to the top of a mountain and scream expletives into it. Oddly enough, I don’t have a megaphone or mountain laying around. So, failing that, I decided to do a linocut of a gramophone.

This test print is on the “noise” page from an old dictionary. I photographed it next to my iPod and headphones (real ones, not those stupid uncomfortable earbud things that my ears reject) to reflect on how things have changed. When these things were around, you got married and had babies and ate butter and that was that. These days, girls are put on the pill train when they barely have boobies and taught to suck the tit of big Pharma from then on. You can clearly see I’m a little bitter. If you’re making wrinkly face right now and asking yourself “why? Why did I tune into the blog for this TMI moment?”, I’d like to first refer you to the disclaimer at the top, and second, assure you that I usually don’t yammer about these things here. Hey- at least it’s not a linocut of a uterus. It could be worse.


3 thoughts on “Day 116: Gramafunk

  1. Not surprisingly, I hadn’t heard of PCOS before, but it sounds like a difficult situation and the pharma needs and the tie to diabetes must be quite frustrating. I wish you the best with it. *hugs*


  2. Hahahaha!!!! This was the *PERFECT* blog post for me today as I too am a raging hormonal byotch today and pissed off at the world! I don’t have PCOS – my doctor assures me – though I have some symptoms. Weird… Yeah, Big Mama Pharma can kiss my ass. I thank God everyday that I have a job with amazing benefits and stability but am freaking out that I am leaving said job in mid-July and will be uninsured for 1 to 3 months….YIKES!!!!

    PS – the job is so far beneath you, but if you are interested in applying for my position let me know. It is weekends and only 20hrs/week but with FULL bene’s after the 90 day probationary period for new hires. You’ll be bored to tears but it’s somethin’ to pay the bills, ya know?


  3. thanks to your dictionary page there, i’m going to need to use “nippingly” in a sentence tomorrow. i’m so sorry you have to deal with the PCOS crap and give you a big “amen, sista!” to the rest of it.

    p.s. i will be expecting a uterus linocut approximately a month from now (or whenever the planet decides to irritate you next).


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