Day 114: Sing a Song of Sewing

Okay, so my Sharks game is starting right about now, so not to rush this blog post or anything, but I really need to get in there and cheer because it’s crucial to their success. Really, when you think about quantum physics, it’s totally possible that me believing they can do it will actually help them do it, so there.

Today’s piece is a linocut of an old-timey sewing machine! This test print is on an old, yellowing piece of paper. I thought it was appropriate to imprint an old machine on old paper. They seem happy together.

I saw one of these in a thrift store awhile ago. Despite the fact that I already have a great sewing machine that I adore, I almost got it. It was old and black with floral detail, and apparently made of solid iron, because it would have taken a forklift to haul that puppy up off the floor. There is something beautiful and fulfilling about making items from cloth. I do enjoy embroidering things, but sewing all items by hand would be insanity. I think the sewing machine is one of the best products of the industrial revolution. I’m going to use this linocut for some cards and other small fabric art pieces. Love it!  🙂

Also, happy birthday to my little sister, Ashley!


4 thoughts on “Day 114: Sing a Song of Sewing

  1. rein says:

    I’m watching the Sharks right now!I’m multi-tasking. You know how much I love this. Ro will love it too. Great job, you are amazing. Happy Birthday Ashley!


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