Day 110: Buds

Today’s piece is an organic abstract inspired by the colors of my beloved hockey team (GO SHARKS!!!)- teal, black and gray. It’s kind of a hybrid of the oil paintings I did recently and the linocuts I’ve been doing- and by that, I’m referring to the incorporation of high-contrast line quality in black. 

Today was also my last day of jury duty. Yay! The group of people I served with were very fair and it wasn’t a terrible process. Except the getting up early part. Hence, I’m extremely pleased with an early post so that my evening is freed up to sit back, relax, and hopefully watch my Sharks beat the snot out of the Colorado Avalanche (I know that sounds violent, but I mean it in a sportmanlike way, honestJ) and the recorded episode of 24 from Monday- that is, if I don’t nod off on the couch first. Have a great evening, everyone!

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