Day 107: 21st St, a linocut

Today was a weird day. I was sleepy and it was somehow hotter in the house than outside of it, so I resolved to head out on a brief photo trip for today’s piece. I drove around for about 15 minutes until I found a great area for images; pruned farmland with neat furrows and silos in the distance, birds in a wheat field, the peace of nature and good afternoon lighting. I parked, took off the lens cap, lined up a shot… and my camera refused to take any pictures. Apparently it had been left on at some point and the battery had drained faster than usual.

When I got home, I decided to go with a linocut as plan B. I picked out a photo from the last trip to SF, transferred it to the lino block, and started carving. When I inked them, I had a total Goldilocks experience. The first came out a bit light.

The second one came out way too heavy.

The third was pretty good; less blank spots but not too much ink.

I had another piece of paper, so I went for a fourth- the happy ending to this fairytale. I’d forgotten I had a pencil drawing on the Bristol paper I’d prepared, and the sketch in the background behind the linocut looks pretty f-ing rad, in my opinion. Hence, I will undoubtedly be doing some (probably colored) drawings + linocuts in the very near future, which I am envisioning as awesome, all thanks to an accident. Woohoo!

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