Day 106: Encore

If you’ve never used metal foil, I have to tell you- it’s kind of awesome. It is insanely fragile and difficult to handle, but if you can get the hang of it, “it’s stunning”, to use my dear Tim Gunn’s words. I’ve used gold and silver, and they have other ones like copper. The shine is just really strikingly bright, unlike that you might get from a gold or silver paint. You may recognize applications of gold leaf from the jaw-droppingly gorgeous work of Gustav Klimt to the religious symbols of the Byzantine Period. The thing about metal leaf is that it tends to flatten a space, and painting on it isn’t the same as painting on the somewhat absorbent surface of a canvas.

I thought I’d create some texture on the surfaces first, then lay gold foil over it and add a geometric field in warm colors. This one is a companion piece for Reveille that started out with a knot and lines of yarn encased in drops of acrylic medium (yesterday’s was a grid of heavy gel under the gold foil).

What’s cool about gold foil in a painting is that it reflects light all day in different ways. So it really ends up being something that changes color tones depending on where you’re viewing it from and the surrounding lighting. This is the foil I use, and it’s cheap enough that you can have some fun with it! You will need the adhesive size solution and the sealer, and they also offer a red base coat solution for a warmer gold tone (used under these ones). Have a great weekend, everyone!

Oh, and I almost forgot- GO SHARKS!!! (That’s a professional hockey team in San Jose for those of you don’t hail from the northeast and aren’t married to Canadians.)

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