Day 105: Réveille

During lunch break at jury duty, I started reading a book called “The Power of Now”. I’d listened to some of it already, but I’m one of those people who remembers best when they see something written. And though I didn’t get through much yet, I’m really intrigued. According to wikipedia, this best-selling Oprah book club author’s “purpose and hope for The Power of Now was that it would “play its part in … the transformation of human consciousness,” by acting as a catalyst to those who are ready for a radical inner transformation or, as he sometimes calls it, for “enlightenment.” While it starts off sounding all new-agey and lame, it’s actually a fascinating approach to things like quieting the non-stop chatterbrain worry-machine of the mind. It’s also about the simply joy of being.

So when I got home this evening after a day at the courthouse, I wasn’t really jazzed to watch the Sundance documentary “The World According to Monsanto” that Rob had queued up. Covering details like Monsanto’s outright manipulations of lab results showing the dangers of genetically modified organisms, firing & harassing of scientist whistleblowers and team of enforcers bankrupting farmers in drawn-out patent infringement civil suits, it was well-researched, informative and upsetting. You can see it on YouTube, and I’d recommend you watch it. Monsanto’s plan to monopolize so many foods and its’ close ties to the FDA/USDA means our choice to have non-GMO options at all could be gone if those who are concerned don’t speak up.

By the time I got around to art, I felt crushed and uninspired. But I busted out some gold leaf and warm colors and made this painting- Reveille– which is french for “to wake up”. Some of the world may be ugly but that doesn’t mean my art has to be. 🙂

Happy Tax Day, KnittersPlayground, who wins the haiku challenge from Day 55 and will be receiving a free print or linocut cards. Stay tuned for the next giveaway!

3 thoughts on “Day 105: Réveille

  1. sharon russell says:

    I find you amaizing 🙂 Why you ask. Well because you are so aware of whats going on in the world. You care about important issues and take time to read and become more informed. You retain what you’ve read and learned. You share your opions but don’t force them on me. I think you write as beautifully as you paint. I enjoy your web site. Sharon


  2. Ooh, I read (part of) The Power of Now! What great ideas/philosophies. I think about it a lot. I didn’t end up finishing because I think it got too philosophical for me, and to be honest, I think I just really needed to focus on trying to accomplish the basics in the book before being able to understand the rest. Hope you enjoy it! Love the texture on this painting!


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