Day 99: Translator

Looking for Chester’s collar the other day, Rob & I unearthed a couple of handy items- a “What the Bleep do we know” DVD from Netflix and an old copy of The Iliad I’d picked up awhile ago at the thrift store. We watched the movie, and afterward when I headed into the studio, I didn’t even have to get past the preface of the Iliad for inspiration. Today’s piece is an acrylic painting on 8″x10″ canvas with text.

This bit, which reads “each translator is therefore responsible for his own” felt so significant- that our interpretation, our translation of the world we’re living in, is our responsibility resonated with me. Later on, the colors and lines seemed to form an abstract image of an alien abduction in progress, which reinterpreted the text to thoughts of the abductees retelling their stories. So clearly your interpretation of an abstract like this has to be better than my own. 😉

If you’re in the Sacramento area and are out and about tomorrow evening, swing by the North Natomas Library (adjacent to Inderkum High School) at 4660 Via Ingoglia (turn onto this street from Del Paso) between 5-8 pm. I’ll be participating in N Mag’s Annual Cover Artist Sale. You can meet me and other local artists and buy art too! I’ll be bringing along several pieces from the Art Project.

I’ll also be at the City Art Gallery in San Francisco in July, for both the opening on Friday, July 2nd and all day Sunday, July 4th. My art will be up all month (including pieces from Art Project 2010). See you there!

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