Day 98: Baby Babushka

Today’s piece is a tiny Babushka in a white room. Why? Because painting their tiny faces is maddening. I got half way through a mentally-composed short story about a fictional Matryoshka painter losing his mind and creating increasingly disturbing faces on his pieces by the time this 8”x10” acrylic painting on canvas was done. Maybe this has something to do with being two pieces away from the 100 day mark? I’ve put friends and family members on breakdown watch, so don’t worry.

Truthfully, making art every day is probably the most effective life-coping method I’ve ever applied. Even if each piece doesn’t come out great. Expecting greatness every day is what’s really crazy. There’s a beautiful freedom in letting yourself make things just for the sake of making them without the stress for perfection. And that’s enough “artist life lessons with Marianne” for the evening. 😉

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I still make art with music playing every day. Rob got me some sweet headphones to hook up to my iPod so I can rock out without getting songs stuck in his head. Yay! What I’m listening to lately: METRIC. Check out the album “Fantasies”. It’s like someone put electric guitars, candy apples and leather jackets into a blender and we ended up with this sweet band from Canada.

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