Day 92: Daffodils

Getting reacquainted with oil paints these past couple of days has been like meeting up with an old boyfriend. I remember what I liked about him, but mostly I remember why we broke up. The lack of communication, how difficult he was to work with, how it wasn’t so much about what I wanted but about him doing his own thing… my ex and my current relationship with oil paints are eerily similar.

Right now oil paints are ‘biting their thumb at me’, so to speak (oil paint has been around since Shakespeare’s time after all), but that doesn’t mean we’ll be enemies forever. In fact, I used to get frustrated like this with charcoal. It was messy and defiant of my commands, but eventually after enough practice, I found ways to use it without dragging my arm through it, and now I love charcoal. So here’s hoping I get there with oil paints.

Today’s piece, Dandelions, is an oil painting on a 12” square heavy duty canvas. The paint is thick and I have no idea how long it’s going to take to dry. But I think it’s kind of beautiful. (And very Easter-y. Looking forward to spending Sunday with the family.:)

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