Day 90: Nobody to Argue

If only I had one of those things from Star Trek to materialize a neverending supply of mini-canvases for me. There’s just something so charming and intimate about doing these color field/text pieces in a small format. I wonder if it will ever translate well to a larger size. 

Today’s piece uses more Capote text, this time with a focus on the words “nobody to argue”. When I sat down with it, I wasn’t sure what colors I wanted to use. I looked at the surrounding words- New Orleans, park bench, out of your system- and thought of the dejected lad Capote may have been, somehow feeling out of place while sad in such colorful surroundings. I pictured him moping over a mint julep in a cafe with bright yellow walls.

Someday I may just fill a whole wall with these things. I kind of love them.

Don’t forget, today’s the last day to enter your haiku comment on Day 55 for a chance to win a free print!


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