Day 82: Electric Creamsicle

Do you ever have one of those days where you stand back and say, “Wow! I got a lot done!”? Today was one of those. Rob and I formed a dynamic duo of domesticity, together paying bills, filing taxes, going to the bank, shredding and filing old documents, doing laundry and dishes and grabbing bread and soy milk from the store. Plus I made it to and from San Francisco, signed up for space at the City Art Gallery in the mission district in July and took a bunch of photos in several SF neighborhoods at night for photo references. Meanwhile, Rob made lunch AND dinner! It was truly an amazing day.

I have bemoaned my lackluster photo abilities in previous blog posts (while also acknowledging that the blurry ones are easier for me to paint, thankfully), but sometimes I get a happy accident, like this one. I really can’t tell what I was driving past at the time, but the colors sure came out singing! If an orange creamsicle pop and a neon sign had a baby, it would be this image. This is one I could actually just copy and paint pretty much as-is, but I think the photo does it for me. We’ll see. 🙂


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