Day 81: God Grant Us

CNN Breaking News: Marianne Bland has decided to make artwork from Art Project 2010 available for sale!

Yes, I know it may not be as exciting as the healthcare reform coverage, but I’m pretty jazzed about it. Initially, I’d decided not to sell any of the pieces from this project until 2011 just in case some crazy gallery wanted to show every single piece together in one show. But on second thought, I’m starting to make a lot of stuff. It’s getting a little crowded in the studio and guest room. Plus I’ve got several people calling “dibs” on various pieces already, and I hate having to wait for things myself, so it isn’t fair to make you guys wait either.

So, if you want to call dibs on an item, please head over to the Facebook fan page and add a comment stating “dibs!” for that day’s posting, or email me:, and I’ll note it for you. The majority of the work so far is small format, which makes for really affordable original art. I’m also planning to get limited edition cityscape prints made soon. I’d like to have my blog readers and facebook fans to have the first crack at the artwork, so I will be waiting to post these items to Etsy for a week or so. As the project continues, you’ll see new artwork added to my Etsy shop a few days after it’s made (to give you guys time to let me know if you’re interested in it). 

Today’s piece is an 8×10 inch mini art quilt on this awesome vintage green/blue fabric featuring vintage ephemera including a map snippet, dictionary bit, hymn clipping, buttons, sewing stuff and some words from an EDD pamphlet. With all the uncertainty these days, a prayer or two couldn’t hurt. Quilted with a landscape-referential top-stitch (wow, that sounds fancy! Totally just made that up. Real quilters are cringing worldwide.) in green, I plan to put this in an old frame so it can be a nice, cohesive piece of upcycled art.


3 thoughts on “Day 81: God Grant Us

  1. Kristi White says:

    Hi Marianne, so excited you have decided to sell your artwork! 🙂 Have you considered making a quilt out of your quilted pieces? That would be incredible! 🙂


    • Hi Kristi! At the moment, my plan is to finish the edges of each mini quilt and offer them separately. I find that I still think in single compositions, meaning it’s tough for me to imagine all these different quilt squares together in harmony. However, I definitely want to make some large size quilts and will- just haven’t decided how I’m going to attack it yet. Thanks for following the blog. 🙂



  2. Oh, I hope you sell every single piece in about five seconds! For now, my pockets are somewhat empty, but when I hit the jackpot, I will definitely be calling dibs on a Marianne original art quilt!


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