Day 80: Fascinated

I f-ing love James Bond movies. Seriously, I’m down to watch one any time. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in. I really enjoy action movies, and adding in a suave lead man like Daniel Craig doesn’t hurt. James Bond, as a fictional character, has pulled off some seemingly impossible feats. But I’m able to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the film when James does things like setting off a bomb and escaping in a stolen plane in the middle of the mountains, then jumping out of that plane without a parachute and landing in and commandeering some other vehicle all while punching/shooting/wrestling baddies. It’s good stuff.

In a bizarre parallel, I felt like today’s adventure in painting was similar to a Bond plot. I landed in a situation with essentially no plan and no leads. After awhile I was in the thick of it with no obvious way out. Things were looking pretty bad. But I persevered for a few hours and after some clever tricks (of the brush), I’d resolved the crisis and ended up with a piece that I’d personally give 3 and a half stars. 🙂

“Fascinated” is an acrylic painting on 8”x10” canvas with fabric, a bit of paper text and a film negative added in.

2 thoughts on “Day 80: Fascinated

  1. I love all the Bond’s. I like the day’s art. I’m not exactly sure why. I’ll need to study it. Whatever, it speaks to me! There is something about the top that grabs hold of my emotions.


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