Day 76: Bicycles at the Burger Joint

I was looking through old photos today, trying to get some inspiration for today’s piece. It’s amazing how things from just a year or two ago can feel a thousand worlds away. I’ve even seen myself in photos where I can hardly recall the event surrounding that image. 

Today’s piece is an acrylic painting on 12”x16” canvas. It’s  inspired by a blurry photo of this great burger place that was open late. I’d stop there for a gardenburger on the way home from meetings at City Art Gallery, having driven there straight from work and with a mean, growly tummy by that point. I took this photo in the mission district in San Francisco, near the 21st St. parking garage that inspired an earlier painting, “Haven” (see below).

The college kids would always leave their bikes outside, which surprised me, because it seems like anything is fair game for theft in San Francisco. You can barely see the bikeframes in the original photo, but with a bit of imagination and charcoal, I like how it feels like they’re pets waiting patiently for their doggie bags on the curb.

Thankfully digital pinches aren’t yet a reality, since this new piece (below) pretty much has no green in it and I’m not wearing any either. Hope you’re sucking back a pint of green beer or Guinness today! Happy St. Paddy’s, everyone!

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