Day 74: ‘Grateful’ Mini Art Quilt

Ah, another 5 o’clock art quilt. I love painting, but sewing is a special experience all its own. Sometimes I wonder why it is that I have this need to make things. It’s not just enough to paint, I have to be able to make other things with my hands. I’ve dabbled in wood, I love metalwork, I make jewelry, I’ve stitched up some pretty great Renaissance Faire costumes (seriously, it’s no easy feat making a corset. Sorry about that sewing machine of yours I ruined as a teenager, Julie). Sometimes I just need to wrangle disparate items and force them to share a living space. Like today’s work, “Grateful”. 

This one includes a dictionary bit, anatomical diagram of the heart, a page from an old literature book with words like “believe”, “curious token”, “glistens” and “friends”, vintage buttons from my great-grandmother, a shoelace, beads, clippings from a thank you note and a pomegranate linocut mingled with various upcycled fabrics.

Rob and I have been working on being more positive lately, and sometimes one of the best ways to get into that mode is to be thankful for all the wonderful things we have in our lives. I thought of how I am grateful for my family, my health, the ability to see and hear and use my hands, and how beautiful turquoise and red are together amongst other things while I was making this. The next time you’re feeling down, try focusing on what you are thankful for. We all have many things to appreciate, and we should be appreciating them daily instead of only one day in November. 

P.S. Sorry for another late post. That damn daylight savings’ time stealing an hour from me is not a boon to art quilting. 😉

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